Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Links Related to #10

Here are a few links related to Episode #10:

  • David Irving: This article summarizes the situation. Basically, Irving sued an author who wrote a book alleging that Irving was a Holocaust denier. The British courts ruled against Irving, in effect officially stating that he is a denier.
  • Computer version of Hitler's War can be found here. There's also a link on that page to the rules for Campaign III.
  • Music: The intro music is "Snake Charmer" by the Warmers. The end music is "Flood of Foreign Capital" by Burning Airlines. BA doesn't have its own page, but here is a link to the band's record label. All music used with permission.

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Anonymous said...

As with most comments about Irving, this is not strictly accurate. The judge found for Irving in a few areas -- he had been libelled - but not to the extent that allowed the success of his action as a whole. Following the trial, the defendant violated the rules of evidence fairly egregiously, which is a criminal offence, which suggests she won't be seen in Europe anytime soon, and that she might be in jeopardy if reciprocal extradition is ever agreed.