Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Episode #10 Published

Episode 10 is another mostly solo episode by Paul. In this one, he talks a Hitler's War, and a little bit about history. Then Jon lets us know the foolish things that Paul said.

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Bob Goddard said...

Nice Hitler's War review. I bought the Metagame version back in the early 80's and it is much better looking than the AH version. What were they thinking?

My only complaint with the game is that tech rolls seem to drive strategy. You get good rolls on the tech for subs for instance and bad rolls bombers, you go with the cheaper subs. I think the AH tweaks the tech a little so that may help.

There is also a PTO sister game that someone is working on using Vassal.

Enjoyed your podcast. Keep up the good work!

Contact With The Enemy said...

Bob--glad you liked the show. I've never seen the Metagaming version of HW, so I don't know how it differs (in graphics or rules). It sounds like it is slightly different, but in ways that can be very important.

There's a PTO version? I didn't know--that could be exceptionally cool. Do you have a link for that?

Mike said...

Good to see you guys active again. Was having major withdraws. Your podcast happens to be one of two that really does in depth, concise analysis of games something that as a guy who dabbles in design mechanics really appreciates hearing. Your titles that you go over are often unique which is a plus. Thanks and hope to hear more soon.

Contact With The Enemy said...

Mike--Thanks for the nice words. I really like doing the show, and it's nice to hear that people like what we're doing.

As to the games we cover, I guess they are a bit unusual. A lot of it is that my gaming budget is limited, so I don't buy too many new games. Therefore, the games I know best are often not the hot ones. Several of the other games I'd like to talk about, for example (Bobby Lee, A House Divided) are fairly old.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are back! keep it up pls.

bgoddard80 said...
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Bob Goddard said...

ou can download the Vassal mod for the Global HW version at:

There are rules to go with this as well. Not actually just a "sister game" but a combination ETO/PTO expansion of HW.