Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Episode Six released

Episode Six has been released, and is available from the link on the right.

In this episode, Paul interviews Ed Beach, designer of show favorite Here I Stand among others. They cover Ed's US Civil War games in some depth, as well as his upcoming followup to Here I Stand, Virgin Queen. We also learn a little more about Ed, including what sounds like a really fun family of gamers.

Automatic downloads from juice, iTunes, etc., should start soon, or you can search for ContactWithTheEnemy using your favorite podcast receiver if you don't already subscribe.


Tim Rogers said...

Huzzah. I'm excited about the interview and eager to hear about Virgin Queen.

Tim in Greenville

Contact With The Enemy said...

Thanks Tim! I hope you like the interview. We're really looking forward to Virgin Queen around here, too.


Michael Roy Hollihan said...

I didn't even know this was out! I'm downloading it now. Was this posted to BoardGameGeek? Great to see you back.

Contact With The Enemy said...

Michael--We did put a notice on BGG, I believe, although with so much message traffic there it's easy to miss it. Did you find out about it from CSW? I know that John was swamped with news stories so ours didn't get posted until today.

It's great to hear that someone besides our family and friends is excited that we put out another episode!


preacher said...

Great episode, as usual

Fascinating intervieew with Ed, thanks a lot

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Anonymous said...

I don't normally listen to hobby podcasts, but an interview with Ebeach is a hell of a draw.