Monday, December 15, 2008

Episode Five released

Episode Five is released, and can be downloaded from the link at the right. It's also available by searching and subscribing through juice, iTunes, or other download tools.

We discuss the state of the podcast and the lost episode, Jon makes another guest contribution (this one about 1960, originally submitted for the lost Twilight Struggle episode), Paul relates another famous quotation to wargaming, and Martin continues his segments on the history behind CDG events. Martin also does a short phone interview with Tony Curtis of GMT Games about their generous offer to unemployed gamers.

Programming note: The audio quality seems to be continuing to improve, but Martin was a little under the weather while recording and sounds pretty scratchy. Comments and suggestions on specific audio problems are always welcome


Anonymous said...

I don't see where exactly I can listen to, or download, the podcast. Is there a link somewhere?

Contact With The Enemy said...

The column on the right has the links to our three most recent downloads (at the top).

I'll edit the post to mention that, thanks.


Pastor Mueller said...

Good job guys! keep it up! you've almost got me to purchase that game. I'm a minis gamer, however... So... :) But I enjoy listening to your podcast!