Monday, May 5, 2008

Episode Three Released

Our third episode, featuring a discussion of Up Front and Attack Sub along with a quick bio of Bill Mauldin and a little bit more about the title of our podcast, is now online.

iTunes subscribers should see it pretty soon, and the links on the right side of this page should provide a direct link once the feed refreshes. Going directly to will work right now if you don't feel like waiting.

Thanks for listening!


Felbrigg said...

I have just finished listening to show 3, and really enjoyed it. Thanks for your efforts and I hope you continue for many more shows.

Contact With The Enemy said...
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Contact With The Enemy said...


Thanks! We're having a lot of fun doing the podcast, and we're not planning on stopping anytime soon.

I hope that we're a nice complement to Point 2 Point--they were the first wargaming podcast, and they've done a great job.


Mister Nizz said...

Wow, great podcast! The sound quality leaves a lot to be desired, but don't let that discourage you in the least. I rather like the fact you guys admit up front that you're not experts, you don't win every game, and you are just here doing what your doing for the sheer joy of it. That's my kind of player, really.

Good luck with it.


Contact With The Enemy said...

Thanks. I'd love to be the expert player who wins more often than not, but that's not me. I usually end up getting my butt kicked. That's frustrating, but I love the games.

As to sound quality, yeah, it's not great, but I think it's good enough to understand.

Thanks again!


Dale said...

Great episode! The audio has improved a lot in Eps 2 & 3.


Dave said...

I've now listened to all three of your podcasts now and I'm enjoying them even if the technical issues meant I had to relisten to a few bits.

I'm posting gaming podcast reviews at my blog and will be doing one for Contact with the Enemy soon.

Hope you keep at it guys.

Contact With The Enemy said...

Thanks! We're working on the technical issues, but it's probably not likely to improve dramatically anytime soon--we don't really know what we're doing in that area :-). But we love hearing from people who have listened to the show, and I look forward to reading your review of the podcast.

Dave said...

It's now there on http:\\