Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Episode Seven released

Episode Seven has been released and is available from the links on the right. Juice, iTunes, and other automated downloads should commence shortly, but you can also find direct download links at

In this episode, Jon and I talk about games I played at GMT West, the AREA rating system, and the Ventrilo voice server GMT is hosting to facilitate online gaming. Paul and I talk some more about GMT West, recent games we've played, and the benefits of gaming online and at conventions versus face to face gaming.


Iain Cheyne said...

Thanks for the episode. I really enjoyed it.

Contact With The Enemy said...

Thanks Iain, that's much appreciated!


Joe Steadman said...

Mexican War... yuck! :-)

Contact With The Enemy said...

I'm sure you'd change your tune if they made ASL modules for it :)

Thanks for listening, though! I enjoy your youtube segments.