Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dice Tower Segments Posted

In response to several requests, I have posted some of the segments I recorded for the Dice Tower podcast over at our Libsyn site. There are three files. The first is my segment on visiting the Antietam battlefield; the second combines the three segments I did on command and control; and the third includes segments on art in wargames, politics in wargames, and ETO games.




WargamerBert said...

Just wanted to let you guys know that I listened to all four of your podcasts today and because of it I almost bought Here I Stand... but sided on getting Saratoga from GMT instead... You guys make them all sound good, though. And the sound quality is progressively improving, which is good.

If you want, I also tried my hand at podcasting, probably with some of the same influences as you guys, but with a different emphasis, i.e. miniatures gaming. Board wargaming is not my scabbarded blade, but I'll try it, hence Saratoga. I'm a solo historical miniatures gamer. My podcast is at Check it out if you want, or remove this post if you think you'll loose listenership. You won't loose me... :)

Contact With The Enemy said...

Wargamerbert--Thanks! I think you'd be hard pressed to be wrong about choosing Saratoga. I really like the Battles of the American Revolution series (I've played Monmouth), especially since HIS requires a lot more time.

I will check out your podcast--I love gaming podcasts. I am fascinated by historical miniatures gaming, even though I've never tried it.


Joe Steadman said...

I love Here I Stand!