Monday, April 14, 2008


Welcome to the blog for Contact With The Enemy, a new podcast about wargaming from Martin Burke and Paul Glenn. We'll both be posting here on anything that strikes our fancy, as well as announcing new episodes.

The RSS feed for the show is:

Keep in mind that we're not expert gamers or sound engineers. We're doing this because we love wargames, and podcasting is fun. So we hope the sound quality is good, and that the content is interesting.

We currently have 1 episode posted, covering Hannibal: Rome v Carthage.


Barry Ingram said...

Hi Guys - enjoyed the podcast - struggled at times with the sound but overall a very good effort. Liked the relaxed, conversational style. Had the feeling that I was listening in on a telephone conversation (ala skype).
Very interesting.
One small point about your rules interpretation for H:RvC, specifically the rules for combat casualties. Retreat losses are based on the size of the losing army at the START of the battle, not after attrition losses.

Contact With The Enemy said...

Thanks--you are our first comment, so you'll always have a special place in my heart. :-)

We're trying to improve the sound quality; I hope it wasn't too bad.

We knew that rule correctly; I guess we misspoke in the episode.

Again, thanks for the feedback.


Eric Walters said...

Once I plugged on my earbuds into the computer, I was able to hear your podcast just fine. Haven't tried it on my iPod yet, but will.

You provided a VERY good feel for the game; I almost felt like I had played it at least once after listening to your podcast. Definitely a help in making a decision whether to buy or not to buy the game.

Your observations on WASHINGTON'S WAR being a new design as opposed to a mere overhaul of the WE THE PEOPLE matches what I know. A couple of WBCs ago I was talking to Mark Herman and Don Chappell about it--Don runs the WTP tourneys at that convention and is involved with the development of the game, last I knew.

Will you guys give Point 2 Point a run for the money? Has that podcast for serious wargamers finally gotten some competition? Time will are off to a good start!

Contact With The Enemy said...

Eric--thanks for the nice words. It's a rather odd feeling--trying to imagine how other people will react to our podcast.

As to giving P2P a run for their money--well, it's *way* to early for that. I am a big fan of Jason and Scott's show, so if we're even remotely in their league, I'll be happy.


Contact With The Enemy said...

I completely misunderstood that rule, personally :)


Nick said...

Sweet! Finally another wargaming podcast! I haven't listened to the show yet (still making my way through the last P2P), but it's moved right up to the top of my play list.

Iain Cheyne said...

Too quiet for me. If you have the original uncompressed audio, I suggest you amplify it and repost.

Contact With The Enemy said...

Thanks for the feedback. Paul upped the volume, and I've replaced the original file.

I also updated the release date on the rss feed, so it should show up as an updated release in iTunes, but I don't know how smoothly that will actually work.


preacher said...


welcome to your new wargaming podcast : i've enjoyed your segments on The Dice Tower so far, but i wanted mooooore

preacher said...
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Contact With The Enemy said...


I actually had a fan from the Dice Tower? That's pretty damned cool. It was hard to judge what people thought of my segment since most of the show's listeners were eurogamers (not that there's anything wrong with that--there are some very good eurogames).

As far as I know, you will be able to subscribe through iTunes.


Jay Cz said...

Enjoyed the podcast. Looking forward to the Here I Stand episode.

Hello, Martin, this is Jay Czarnecki- you were in a game of HIS at my home last year before you moved. I'm trying the 2-player game for the first time via CB right now. Enjoying it very much.

preacher said...

is HIS 2 players variant simpler ? i want to try but the rulebook for the regular maltiplayer game is impressive and scares me...

which sides do you play ?

Contact With The Enemy said...

In the 2 player variant, one player is the Protestants, and the other is the Papacy. Martin would know much better than me how much less complicated it is than the main game.

The main game, though, can seem intimidating but it's not that tricky. If possible, though, try to play with someone who knows the game. But even if you can't, it's not as bad as, for example, Totaler Krieg or Third Reich.

Contact With The Enemy said...

Hi Jay! I think I mention playing at your house during the next episode :) I'll have to get Paul on your mailing list at some point, since he's still in the area.